Monday, October 30, 2006

New Stuff!!!!

*Please read first post for contact and shipping information*

1. Red WGP Cocker Body
This is a 2002 Worr Games Products vertical feed autococker body. It would make a great body for your next mechanical gun or possibly a half/mid block job. This body will include the stock WGP back block, Shocktech front block, delrin bolt, CCM cocking rod, and stock detent
Price: SOLD

2. Chrome CP Regulator
This is a custom products regulator. It is in great condition and works fantastic.
Price: SOLD

3. Eclipse E2 Eblade
This is a gloss black planet eclipse e2 eblade for autocockers. It has the updated software allowing the user to choose from all of league legal ramping modes. It will not include the reflective eye, but will include the eye cover. The frame is in good working condition.
Price: SOLD

4. Parts
Red WGP Ram - $10
Red Shocktech FGP with Rock Knob LPR - SOLD
Red ANS Jackhammer 2 LPR - $20
Shipping on Parts is $2 for first class, and $5 for priority

5. Halo B
This is a stock Halo B. All of the parts and shells are in excellent condition. It includes all screws.
Price: SOLD

Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Parts

*All rules are found in the first blog post*

1. Shochtech Bolt
Pbnation Link:
PBF Link:
This is a white shochtech bolt, which work great with eblade eyes. It has seen a bit of use but would still be much nicer than any aluminum stock bolt.
Price: $26 Shipped

2. Misc. Autococker Parts
I apologize for how hard the numbers are to see, they go down the left side cross the middle and continue down the right.
1. Black WGP Ram - SOLD

3.Tarnished WGP STO Ram - $10
4.Newer Brass WGP Ram -$5
5.Older Brass WGP Ram - SOLD
6. Pump Arm - $7
7. Pump Arm - SOLD
8. 1 Eclipse QEV - SOLD
9. Green ANS 3-Way - $15
10. Black Stock WGP LPR - SOLD
11. Abused Stock WGP LPR - SOLD
12. Old WGP LPR - $10
13. WGP Tickler LPR - $25
14. Dye Torpedo LPR - SOLD

3. Mainfold Maxflow
This is a old style mainfold maxflow tank regulator. It is setup for Low Pressure and will regulate between 0-400 psi. It includes rail to mount regulator to your gun.
Price: $65 Shipped

Friday, September 29, 2006

Post Numero Uno

As the description states, I'm Indi86, famed member of ,, and I also post as Spyder3188 on and .

PbNation's B/S/T section has become a complete zoo in the past year, and as such, it has become increasingly difficult to actually list my sales there. Although I will continue to post big-ticket items on the Nation, come here for all your cocker loving.

A few things:

PLEASE PM ME ON PBNATION at indi86 IF YOU WANT SOMETHING HERE OR HAVE QUESTIONS. This makes it easier for everybody involved.

-Unless marked, all prices are OBO
-I only use paypal and United States Postal Service money orders
-I ship from Central New York, and use USPS only. It's best for everybody involved.
-All feedback will be checked and left on PBN.

Trades are accepted at times, however you should keep the following in mind:
I want nothing to do with Smart Parts guns, STBB, ICD, or Tippmann

If you have something to SELL me, please PM me on PBN
I'm always looking for good deals on E-cockers and the like, especially if you need it gone fast.